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I’ve had the pleasure of following Alys Arden’s debut novel from its early days as a Wattpad serial to its smashing debut as a self-published book to its eventual (and much-deserved) release as a traditional mass market paperback.

If you love descriptive yarns that are full of historical intrigue and monsters and romance, you NEED to read this book.

The Casquette-Girls

But first, check out this great interview that Alys did with Here’s a wee teaser:

Vampires: if they’re real, do you think they’d still be pursuing relationships with humans, or would they be over it after several hundred years? Would you?

Good question! And something I think about a lot, no lie. [If] vampires are real I think they’d go through phases loving and hating humans. “Oh, they’re so endearing,” “Oh, they’re so naïve,” “Oh, they’re so dreadful,” “Oh, they’re so loveable. I hate to love them and love to hate them.” After all humans, are all so different (or are we?)

Then again, maybe they’d love us and never get sick of us, like cute little pets! I’m mean, do we ever get sick of puppies? *wink*

Now, head on over to and read the rest!

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